Judy Miller

New Homes for the Sheep

It’s December 15 and I want to announce winners of the cuddly, stuffed sheep. I’m delighted that those who became shepherds passed along the book and provided others with an opportunity to read A Hidden Truth.

When we began this venture, I said I would draw a name from the five flocks that moved their book to the highest number of people and send one of the stuffed sheep. We had a three-way tie between White Suffolk,Lincoln,Shropshire, and Icelandic so I had to draw for the final two flocks that would be winners. A name was drawn from each of the inning flocks and those who will receive a cuddly stuffed sheep are as follows:

Australian Merino with 7 moves—Rosie Curran-Benger

Hampshire with 6 moves—Rachel Kieser

Cambridgewith 5 moves—Lori Kessler

Icelandic with 3 moves-Diane Estrella

Lincolnwith 3 moves—Chelsea Boland


I would love to keep the books moving along and hope that you’ll encourage the next reader to send me their information. If so, I’ll keep posting on the flock page so we can see how far the books eventually travel. Just because we’ve ended the actual contest doesn’t mean the books can’t continue to circulate. So, I hope you’ll all agree to unlock the paddock gates and turn the sheep over to additional readers. Do ask them to keep me notified and I’ll list them on the “flocks” page.

Thank you all for participating and blessings to each of you during this Christmas Season.



  • Rosie Curran- Benger says:

    Hi Judy!

    I would like to say how much I enjoyed participating as a Shepherd in your contest. Australian Merino visited different parts of Australia and was quite an experience for him as he roamed the countryside,searching for “greener pastures.”

    The reports that I heard (via the grapevine) about your book Judy, were (are)very favourable and hopefully your work will become well known over here! Please keep writing and throw a few more contests.LOL

    I would like to say to my team “Congrats on your efforts and a job well done.”… and to our American Flocks.. (cousins)… “Thanks for hanging in there, because you made Aussie Merino work hard!:)

    • jamauthor says:

      Thanks, Rosie. It was wonderful having one of the books circulate in Austrailia and my hearty Congratulations to your team for their stellar efforts.

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