Judy Miller

Whispers Along the Rails

Whispers Along the Rails - Judth Miller

Postcards from Pullman Series | Book 2

ISBN-10: 0764202774

She agreed to become a rail spy, but who is using the secret information she provides?

Olivia Mott finds herself juggling two jobs: her assistant chef position at Hotel Florence and her undercover work for the Pullman Palace Car Company. Olivia thinks the suggestions she relays to Pullman’s town manager are being used to improve conditions for workers and save the company money, but is something much more sinister happening behind the scenes?

Several months have passed since Lady Charlotte fled to Chicago, leaving her infant son in Olivia’s care. Now Charlotte’s money has run out. A kindly woman offers her a place to live and secures her a position at Marshall Field’s department store, but Charlotte’s heart can’t forget the past. Dare she return to Pullman to find out what happened to her baby?

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  • Elaine Boardley says:

    That’s the end of the Pullman Series? What a way to end the book. There are so many questions left unfinished and unanswered. Does Charlotte get Morgan back? Does Fred eventually get Olivia? If I had known the series would end this way I wouldn’t have bothered wasting my time on them.

    • jamauthor says:

      Hi Elaine,
      No, Whispers Along the Rails, is not the end of the Pullman series. The final book is titled An Uncertain Dream. If you’ll go to my book page under the Postcards from Pullman series, you’ll see a brief summary of An Uncertain Dream. Blessings, Judy

  • Lynn White says:

    Just finished book 1 of the Pullman series. Loved it till I saw there was no ending! Not a fan of unfinished books. Saw comment on next book with the same problem. Won’t fall for that again.

    • jamauthor says:

      Dear Lynn,
      I am sorry you feel there was “no ending” to book 1 of the Pullman series. The intial storyline does end in that, as well as the second book in the seires. However, because it is a “continuing” series that is numbered, the first two books have several open ties into the remainder of the series. Many readers enjoy continuing series. However, because of comments like your own, I no longer write continuing series. Beginning with my two series set in the Amana Colonies, I now write what is referred to as “independent series.” The stories are set in the same area, but time and characters are different in each book. I am sorry you were disappointed with the Pullman series.

  • Danielle Riddle says:

    I’ve just finished the first book and I’m pleased that this is a continuous series. I enjoy it, and I’m astounded that many feel so harshly about this type of book series. I feel you should have more praise on how wonderfully written your stories are, instead of how you write them. Thank you for continually capturing my interest with you beautiful writing.
    God bless you!

    • jamauthor says:

      Hi Danielle,
      Thanks so much for your kind comment. I’m glad you’re enjoying the series. I truly enjoyed writing about Pullman and those books remain some of my favorites.

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