Judy Miller

Daylight Comes

Daylight Comes - Judith Miller

Freedom’s Path Series |
Book 3

ISBN 10: 0764200003

Truth Wyman has watched Nicodemus, Kansas, grow into a busy little prairie town. And she has grown up, too. Her family was among the first settlers to homestead this area, and there is nowhere she’d rather live. She’s always thought her husband felt the same way. . . . Then Moses comes home with news that he has been nominated for state office. If he wins, they’ll need to move to the state capital.

Pregnant with her first child, Truth does not plan to move to Topeka. How can she raise her baby in an unfamiliar city? How can she leave her family and her home? Yet what will happen if she refuses? Nicodemus’s sister community, Hill City, is thriving, too. Macia Boyle returns to her family after a European holiday. The storekeeper’s nephew, Garrett Johnson, captures her attention, but she can’t seem to forget Jeb Malone, the young blacksmith who showed interest in her before her trip.

Soon, Macia must make a choice: Should she return to Jeb’s arms or seek a new life with Garrett?

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  • Mary Babcock says:

    Is there a follow up book after Daylight Comes? I loved the Freedom Path series.
    Thank you,

    • jamauthor says:

      Hi Mary,

      Thanks for your kind words about the Freedom’s Path series. Glad you enjoyed it. Daylight Comes was the final book in the series. Generally speaking, Bethany House, my publisher, sticks to three books in a series. Thanks for taking time to email.

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