Judy Miller

The Broadmoor Legacy 3-in-1 Edition

Cousins Amanda, Sophie, and Fanny Broadmoor are as close as sisters, but when their grandfather dies, the inheritance he bestows threatens to tear them apart.

Will the girls choose the path high society demands or forge their own ways?

Set in the beautiful and unique Thousand Islands area, The Broadmoor Legacy combines the writing talents of two bestselling authors for a heart-stirring series featuring three young women looking for love and a legacy in the 1890s.


  • Alicia says:

    Hello, I would like to start out by telling you how I enjoy this series! I like Fanny and how she is not swept away by glamour and knows what life really is, I enjoyed how Sophie discovered what really matters in the end and how God makes beauty come from ashes when we live for him only, and I love Amanda’s spirit.
    A question I have and have been researching is Broadmoor Castle and Island. I have found pictures that resemble what looks like the Castle, but it is not called Broadmoor Castle… Could you please give me more information?
    Thank you,

    • jamauthor says:

      Hi Alicia,
      Broadmoor Castle and the Island are fictitious. However, we used Boldt Castle on Heart Island in the Thousand Islands as our inspiration for this series. Much of the research was conducted in Clayton, New York, on the island itself as well as the surrounding area. The Thousand Islands proved to be an inspiring and beautiful setting for the series, but we didn’t want to use any specific island or castle so we created our own. Hope this helps. ~Judy

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