Judy Miller

A Daughter’s Inheritance

A Daughter's Inheritance - Judy Miller

Broadmoor Legacy Series | Book 3

ISBN-10: 0764202782

Lose Yourself in the History, Opulence, and Elegance of the Thousand Islands

Cousins Amanda, Sophie, and Fanny Broadmoor are as close as sisters, but when their grandfather dies, the terms of his will just might destroy their bond. Seventeen-year-old Fanny has never put much stock in the conventions of society. In fact, she has given her heart to Michael, the family boat-keeper. But when she receives a surprising inheritance, she discovers just how oppressive society can be… and that she may be trusting the wrong people.

Dare she follow her heart and risk going against her family? What if she loses everything she’s ever known? It all comes down to one choice: What does Fanny Broadmoor want her legacy to be?

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  • Linda says:

    Hello Judy,
    I read the first book during my vacation travel to Niagara Falls. I had never heard of Thousand Islands and longed to visit if there was such a place. With much anticipation my husband and I stayed in Alex Bay, Captain Visgar’s B&B. we toured the St Lawrence.and the castles, Boldt and Singer. I read the book a second time, Enjoying it even more since we had visited many places. Just finished reading all three books. Can’t wait to read another set in hopes of picking our excursion or next year. I had hoped Broadmoor Island was an actual place. I’m assuming it wasn’t, since I never found any mention of while there. Thanks so much for leading us to this beautiful river and Thousand Islands.

    • jamauthor says:

      Hi Linda,
      I’m delighted to hear that you traveled to the Thousand Islands and found it a wonderful vacation spot. It’s always exciting to hear from folks who have read the books and then visit the islands. They are truly enchanting and the castles are an experience not to be forgotten. You mentioned the Bridal Veil series and you’re right. It is a fictional island that was based off Jekyll Island and St. Simons, the islands off the Georgia coast. We stayed on Jekyll while plotting the book and considered setting the book on the island, but some of the story wouldn’t mesh with true history of the island so we decided to create our own. I think you’d find much of the Bridal Veil series would come to life for you if you visited Jekyll Island, and you won’t regret a vacation in that area. Absolutely gorgeous. I don’t recommend the height of summer (unless you want to swim) when it’s very hot, but spring and fall are wonderful.
      Thanks so much for writing!
      Blessings, Judy

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