Judy Miller

Daughter of the Loom

Daughter of the Loom - Judith Miller

Bells of Lowell Series | Book 1

ISBN-10: 0764226886

With the extraordinary changes to society and families ushered in with the Industrial Revolution, the quaint countryside of Lilly Armbruster’s youth has been transformed, bringing to some great wealth and to others, tragic loss. Forced to work in the mills as her only means of survival, Lilly is deeply resentful of the powerful mill owners she believes have stolen her father’s farm and caused his premature death.

Though intent on avenging herself, Lilly is torn when she discovers her one-time betrothed, Matthew Cheever, is hand-in-glove with the “lords of the loom.” With her heart conflicted and her ideals faltering, Lilly’s values — and tenuous faith — will be put to the test.

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