Judy Miller

The Chapel Car Bride

With the extraordinary changes to society and families ushered in with the Industrial Revolution, the quaint countryside of Lilly Armbruster’s youth has been transformed, bringing to some great wealth and to others, tragic loss. Forced to work in the mills as her only means of survival, Lilly is deeply resentful of the powerful mill owners she believes have stolen her father’s farm and caused his premature death…
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The Chapel Car Bride by Judith Miller

The Brickmaker’s Bride

Ewan McKay travels with his aunt and uncle from northern Scotland to West Virginia, promising to trade his skills in the clay business for financial assistance from his uncle Hugh. Hugh purchases a brickmaking operation from a Civil War widow and her daughter, but it’s Ewan who gets the business up and running again. Ewan seeks help from Laura, the former owner’s daughter, and he feels a connection with her, but she’s being courted by another man–a lawyer with far more social clout and money than Ewan.
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The Artisan’s Wife

Ainslee McKay’s world is shaken when she discovers her twin sister has not only eloped with a man she barely knows but now Ainslee must fulfill their obligation at a tile works in Weston, West Virginia. Ainslee must learn the ropes and, if she can keep the tile works profitable, her brother will help her sell the business.
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The Artisan's Wife by Judith Miller

The Potter’s Lady

When Rose McKay convinces her brother, Ewan, to invest in a pottery business, she’s determined to assist him in making the venture a success. Rylan Campbell has never liked change, but the new owners of the pottery seem to be the decent sort. However, when the business begins to struggle, Ryan blames Joshua Harkness, who oversees his own family’s pottery works in a nearby town. When the Franklin Hotels announces a design contest, Rose and Rylan work closely together to create something magnificent. With Joshua’s company as their main competition, can Rylan convince Rose her trust in Joshua may be misplaced?
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The Potter's Lady by Judith Miller


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